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"Matthew Zachary is the irreverent, informed friend
you WISH you could talk to when the US healthcare
system has you screaming or crying."

– Susannah Fox, Former Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

"Matthew Zachary is the people's voice."

– People Magazine

Matthew Zachary is one of the most respected, influential, and visionary voices in healthcare. A 25-year brain cancer survivor, he is the "Podfather" of healthcare communications, amassing listenership in the millions since 2007.

As the Founder of the award-winning nonprofit Stupid Cancer, he is also responsible for creating the Young Adult Cancer Movement and improving the lives of millions of patients in their teens, 20s, and 30s.

Hailed as "The Howard Stern" and "The People's Voice" of healthcare, Matthew is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of OffScrip Health; the first audio broadcasting company focused solely on consumer health and patient engagement.

He lives with his wife and twins in Brooklyn, NY.
"...an incomparable storyteller."

– Leerom Segal, CEO, Klick Health
Fortune 500 companies and businesses worldwide seek Matthew out for his uniquely raw and unapologetic style. From cancer survivor, patient advocate, nonprofit leader, and internet radio pioneer, to concert pianist, composer, storyteller, and social influencer, Matthew's thought leadership captivates and fascinates audiences through his transcendent blend of animated intellectualism, down-to-earth humility, oddball theatricality, and mesmerizing talent.


"My doctor may have cured me,
but Stupid Cancer saved my life."
— Jess M.
“You were the first to show me that
you can do more than just survive.”
— Kelly P.
"Thank you for inspiring us
to create our own missions.”
— Alejandra P.
"Thank you for giving me a
community when I had none.”
— Roseann C.
"It is because of you that I found out
about surrogacy and now have
a happy, healthy daughter."
— Karen M.
"Matthew Zachary is a peace healer."

– Deepak Chopra
The Cancer Mavericks
"We are all very fortunate to not have ordinary lives, so do not listen to what the world tells you has to be done. The real revolution happens when patients are in charge of their own outcomes."

– Matthew Zachary
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